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Living in the Valley

Living in the Valley


Video - 70 mins.

Produced & Directed by Christine Felce
Camera - Christine Felce, Hazel Chandler, Christine Loyde Fit, Rosa Verge, Faye Vick, Harley Ashley & Joe Richards
Edited - Charlotte Johnson
Sound editor - George Richards

Living in the Valley is a documentary film set in Chalford Valley in the heart of the Cotswolds through one year.

This part of the valley has a reputation of being a sleepy haven with a history of alternative living, Whole food hippies from the 70s, pedal power eco-warriors and organic idealists work together to keep the shop open. The village shop is under threat and becomes a focal point for the eclectic villagers who run the shop on ideology rather than commerce.

Filmmaker, Christine Felce, lives in the Valley and experiments with landscape, portraiture and seasonal textures to weave together histories within a contemporary community.

Stills from the film

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